“Oh My Gad” (Elmaleh) and the American Dream…

It was an exciting night at Joe’s Pub in NoHo, Gad Elmaleh, the number one French comedian has been performing there since September and it is a full house tonight. The tickets here tonight are 20$, ridiculously cheap for one of his show but he is a rookie here and needs to get his American audience hooked.

Oh my Gad Elmaleh show Carnegie Hall New York february 11th 2017 humor spectacle
It is not the first time Gad has performed in New York, he was, a few years back, at City Winery with a show geared toward French speaking expats. It is however his first time doing it in English. Joe’s Pub, with its dimly lit room and cozy atmosphere has everything of a Comedy Club and a Café Theatre. In this intimate atmosphere, all the tables in the half moon shaped room are facing the stage allowing a pretty good view from every angle. And despite the many waitresses twirling around the room with overpriced drinks, it an intimate atmosphere as well.

As one would expect, a lot of nationalities are represented tonight. Lots of French and Americans of course but also a few people from Morocco (where Gad is from), Egypt, Canada and Monaco.

Gad Elmaleh is the one!

So here we are, his first show in English, his American Dream or as he puts it “performing in front of people eating burgers”.
Gad’s show is mostly about pursuing his dream to move to New York to be a successful comedian in the US and to do so in English. It is about how hard it has been to learn to be on stage, with a new show, in a foreign language he has yet to master. How he has received help from his friend Jerry (who we know to be Jerrry Seinfeld, one of the leading comedian here), how strange it has been to enter the dating pool with his “couscous belly”, apply for a “Stand Up Comedian Visa” etc…

And let’s face it, he is funny! There is reason why he is so popular in French speaking countries and has been for years.
Most of the audience can relate, you are either a non-English native speaker who has been faced with the same ordeal or an American who has met French speakers going through it…And whoever you are, wherever you are from, you have heard French people argue about directions in the streets of New York City.

Gad is comfortable and seems quite in his element, his English is good and the show is a well-oiled machine. He is even able to come back from an awkward moment when a spectator yells that she is from Monaco. “Monaco?” he says, “I have been there…” before asking the French audience to explain the situation to the Americans who may not know that Mr. Elmaleh was dating Princess Charlotte of Monaco until recently and has a child with her. No biggie…
Follows a very funny moment when Gad talks about explaining to his son who his great grandmothers were. On the maternal side, Grace Kelly, Hollywood Star, Princess and style icon, on his paternal side, a simple woman from Morocco.

Before the show ends, he has conquered the heart of the English speakers as well who are laughing all around me.

He tells us that he will be in Carnegie Hall starting February 2017 (where the tickets won’t be 20 bucks). The American Dream is within reach indeed…

by Emilie S

Oh my Gad Elmaleh show US Tour 2016 Boston Washington Canada Toronto Chicage Seattle Los Angeles Carnegie Hall New York february 11th 2017

OH MY GAD – Gad Elmaleh

March 15th @ Joe’s Pub – NYC
(last night)

US and Canada Tour, 2016 :
Northampton, Boston, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco

February 11 (2017) : New York – Carnegie Hall


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