CIWY : Discover a different Paris with locals

“Welcome to our Paris” could be the motto of CIWY, literally Can I Welcome You. Since a few months, this community of Parisians wants to give another image of the inhabitants by creating new experiences for tourists and travelers.
Welcome CIWY Party, guided walk tours, app, discount and shopping tips. With CIWY, it will be the end of the adage “Parisians, hammer head”.

CIWY Welcome Party

First trip or returning visitor, you can live your own journey in a different way.

Every Wednesday, enjoy the CIWY Welcome party in a bar or a restaurant with the CIWY ambassadors and other foreign tourists from all over the world.

Ciwy Can I Welcome You party tourism trip journey paris holiday locals Blog United States of Paris
In a friendly atmosphere with drinks and food, you will build your first links with the locals.
After some discussions, you will benefit from their pieces of advice and secret places to have a good time in the City of Light, love and culture.

Discover Paris with locals

If you’re bored of traditional guided tours, the CIWY ambassadors should please you with their own.
Created by them, you can be sure that each one is unique: Montmartre, stroll along the river Seine, historical visit of the center of Paris…

Ciwy Can I Welcome You tourism walk discover paris trip journey travel holiday Blog United States of Paris
But experiencing Paris as a Parisian is not only visiting! You have also to take part in events like picnic under the Eiffel Tower for example, a night in a bar, sales in Le Marais or a group visit of a museum.

And to do all this stuff, you have an ally: the CIWYGUIDE!

The CIWYGUIDE, what’s this?

It’s an app (available soon for IOS and Android) to have all the CIWY tips in your pocket.
With it, of course you will find the walking tours imagined by Parisians – that you could do with an ambassador or on your own – the schedule of the CIWY events, a daily tour that helps you discover the news of the city and also the good deals from CIWY partners, daily or permanent.

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You are Parisian? Be a CIWY ambassador!

It is open to anyone who lives in Paris -or its surrounding area, French or not. If you like to help people, to share your way of living in Paris, you can join the CIWY community.
To highlight territory, you just have to join the association.

Ciwy Can I Welcome You tourism trip journey advice paris holiday locals Blog US of Paris
As an ambassador, you will enhance visitors experience by creating walk trips or recommending your favorite spots or your secret places in Paris. You could meet the world without traveling. And especially, you will make live a Parisian community who wants to better spread the richness of Paris.
And just for you: some VIP benefits like private visits of cultural places, special events and other tips.

Kindness, curiosity, authenticity, wonderment and sharing: the key words of CIWY to make Paris and Parisians more inviting and unique.Ciwy Can I Welcome You paris tourism lunch trip journey holiday Eiffel tower Blog United States of Paris

More informations on the CIWY website

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