Restaurant MISS LUNCH chez PPP : light fair, uninhibited, cosmopolitan and inventive – Food made in Paris

Miss Lunch is so much fun! Why not go and say hello? This is one of the best food spots for any foreigner wanting to visit Paris with his stomach!
Lei parla anche italiano molto bene !

Miss Lunch has a great smile and a warm welcome, whether it rains or the restaurant is full of beautiful people Saturday at lunch, or a child arrives in a foul mood (this can happen!) the ambiance that reigns at this address nestled in a Première Provence boutique is unique. Our faithfulness is a sure sign of proof.

Her neighbors took no time to make this merrily alternative Parisian spot their food fetish address. Even an actress-film director in full swing of her next film made it a regular pretext to go for lunch with her assistant. The Fooding team also granted her their sticker. Not to forget a certain concentration of architects per square meter,  that have lunch in this decor that is half kitchen and half boutique (the glorious smell of Provençale olive oil looms in the air) and have made it their hide out.

If you go, you’ll also find other foreigners that are happy with the welcome “in English”, somewhat inexistent in other institutions.

Crazy, isn’t it ?

On the plate things are happening- it’s boiling, bubbling, and spitting.

Claude Cabri, alias Miss Lunch likes nothing better than to surprise her guests. As well as add the ingredient that will be the extra plus, revisit  a recipe many times tasted or dare to make associations that would make any expert in food twitch, just a little.

Her classics?  She knows them on the tips of her fingers and so well that she has no fear in launching herself up against crazy feats. Like a cheesecake without cheese or a burger without meat or fries, or the tiramisu without the mascarpone. Divine sacrileges!

Have you got vegetarian friend? Miss Lunch will find the trick so as not to embarrass amongst a table full of carnivores, hoorah!

And the bonus- she’ll introduce you to her own hand picked capers from the island of Pantelleria, a real voyage in taste.

The whole kit and caboodle is prepared with care  and devotion and to top things off without a stove, using fresh produce from the Marché d’Aligre, the chef, artist and creator’s landmark.

Such wondrousness could easily entail a hefty bill, especially when considering the additional terrace which looks onto the Square Trousseau. The menu for a starter and main course or main course and dessert is 15 euros. Add 5 euros 50 for an additional dessert, and about 4 euros for a glass of wine. If you are more inclined to drinking juice, cherry juice and homemade lemonade will do the trick for you and your bambinos.

Such an address is almost painful to share. But knowing the chef’s endurance, we know that there will always be something to eat after 2pm on a Saturday.

Due to strong demand, her kitchen is open for dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings, and is just as cozy and inspirational. We also tested the Valentine’s menu with her “love” drawings and candles- unforgettable and mischievous.

To conclude, Miss Lunch’s generosity is unchanged. To give yet another example, her best recipes and tricks are in three books: Le Chinois and  Plats de Résistance (Éditions 1973) and Lunch in the Loft (Éditions Solar) retelling her adventure that brought her fame in her clandestine restaurant.  Three books that  one can get autographed on location by yours and only, and whose other talent is painter.

This could provoke severe hang ups to those passionate about cooking, especially when one knows that- and I’ll stop here- that she speaks Italian.

Not to forget the cooking classes!

MISS LUNCH Paris chez Première Pression Provence
3, rue Antoine Vollon
75012 PARIS

Lunch from Wednesday-Saturday
Dinner Thursday and Friday
Cooking classes on Tuesdays (two schedules possible)

Pics and a max of info on Miss Lunch’s FB page:



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